What Does Litigate Mean?

What does litigate mean?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines “litigate” (from 17th Century Latin litigat, meaning “disputed in a lawsuit,” as “verb… take (a claim or a dispute) to a court of law.” Interestingly, the OED’s compilers chose this sentence as an example of proper usage of the word “Litigate”: “even a claim which is litigated and defended successfully involves high …

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Open-Ended Communication

What is open-end communication? Not surprisingly, our style of communication affects how others interact with and perceive us, as well as what kind of information we can gather. During any conversation, questions are asked, and answers are given to: Clarify. Obtain information. Bring someone into a conversation. Keep a conversation going Experts on leadership, relationships, …

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Successful Post-Dissolution Co-Parenting: The Mediator’s Role

People often think of divorce as the end of a relationship between spouses. In some cases, it may be. But the reality is that where there are minor children from the marriage, a relationship—though changed—endures until the youngest child reaches adulthood. Learning to deal with this new reality is a large part of a successful …

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Arbitration Agreement Explained

What does the perfect arbitration agreement look like? If you are seeking one agreement that will be ideal across the board, there is no such thing. Of course, there are provisions that should be in your arbitration agreement. Before discussing how to draft the perfect arbitration agreement, we should consider some of the arbitration’s imperfections. …

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Request for Mediation Letter

The Place of the Request for Mediation Letter Under the IDEA  Millions of American public school students have learning disabilities.   Each of them is guaranteed the right to a free appropriate public education, or FAPE, in the least restrictive environment possible. The right to a FAPE is guaranteed by the Individuals with Disabilities Education …

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What is an Interrogatory?

The interrogatory is perhaps the most basic of the discovery tools authorized by statute. Disputing parties have complained about the high cost of litigation for decades. The most significant expense during litigation is discovery — the process of obtaining sworn testimony and other evidence from opposing parties in a lawsuit. According to one study, about …

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