Coercive Power: How it Impacts Your Employees

Coercive Power

Coercive power is a concept created by social psychologists John French and Bertram Raven, who defined the different types of social power used and how coercive power is used and abused in everyday life. Have you ever been threatened with a punishment if you did not complete a task? Maybe your parents told you that …

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Legitimate Power: What You Need to Know

legitimate power

The power dynamics within organizations and groups are often complex and interwoven into the fabric of daily operations; legitimate power stands as a beacon of authority and structure.  Rooted deeply in the organizational hierarchy, legitimate power offers a framework through which leaders and managers exercise control and influence over their teams. We can point to …

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The Democratic Leadership Style: An Overview

democratic leadership style

In the vast spectrum of leadership styles, democratic leadership stands out for its emphasis on collaboration, participation, and empowerment. Often referred to as participative leadership, this style values the input of team members and stakeholders in the decision-making process.  It’s a method that fosters a sense of ownership among employees, encouraging creativity and innovation.  In …

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How to Motivate a Team: The Ultimate Guide

How to Motivate a Team

Do you want to know how to motivate a team? In the fast-paced corporate world, team motivation is not just a buzzword—it’s an essential part of success. A motivated team is more productive, creative, and resilient, navigating challenges with determination and innovation. But how does a manager go beyond cliche catchphrases to inspire and invigorate …

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Power Imbalance: How Factoring in Power Works

Imbalance of Power

The factors that contribute to power imbalance are often complex and difficult to notice daily, but over time, they contribute to an unhealthy dynamic if they are not addressed.  Imbalances of power can be found in every relationship, from our most vulnerable and trusted relationships with partners and best friends to workplaces or even in …

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Value Conflicts Explained

Value Conflicts

What is a Value Conflict? Conflicts are an inherent part of social existence because we are in constant competition for resources.   We also are in conflict because we have different goals and different ideas about our place in society, what our rights, duties, and responsibilities to other people are, and what constitutes right, wrong, …

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A Decision-Making Model that Works for You

Decision-Making Model

Decision-making models provide useful steps for individuals and groups to follow as they attempt to create fitting solutions. Whether you are trying to make a decision for yourself or as a part of a team, the decision-making process can be overwhelming and difficult. Especially within a team, it can be impossible for decision-makers to find …

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Finding the Best Mediation Jobs Opportunities

Mediation Jobs

You have your certificate, now you’ve started your search for mediation jobs. Where do you start this process? This article will help you understand a mediator’s role and responsibilities, prepare you for the work environment and equal opportunity employer, and give you some tools to make your job search easy and successful. What Training Do …

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Conflict Resolution Skills: A Guide

Conflict Resolution Skills

In every area of life, whether it’s at home, school, or work, conflicts are inevitable, which is why conflict resolution skills are vital. They arise due to differences in perspectives and opinions or simply because of misunderstandings. While conflicts can seem daunting, they don’t have to be destructive. In fact, when handled properly, conflicts can …

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Using Communication Skills Training to Further Yourself

Almost everyone could do with a little communication skills training. Most people will have a moment in their lives when communication feels difficult or cumbersome. For some. this will be the result of a clash in personalities or a specific person who makes work and life difficult. For others, a shift in their personal life …

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