The Negotiation Dance: 5 Reasons Not To Sit Out

The Negotiation Dance

By Scott Van Soye Negotiating price (or a settlement amount) can be a long and frustrating process. Think about the last time you bought a car. Exhausting, wasn’t it? And yet research has shown that the outcome is often predictable. Professor Peter Robinson of Pepperdine University reports that such negotiations usually end with an agreement …

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Power in Negotiation

Power in Negotiation

Physics defines power as work divided by time. Work, in turn, is the application of force in a direction. Power, then, can be thought of as the ability to get things moving (more) quickly in a desired direction. The same definition applies in social interactions like negotiation.  Power is the ability to get desired things …

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The Power Of “And”

The Power of And

By Dale Eilerman The word “and” is short but powerful. It connects as well as includes. It adds rather than negates. The word “and” provides energy in collaboration and contributes momentum toward synergy. This word enables people with differing perspectives to find common ground. It can supply motivation when opposing parties may be losing hope …

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Buddah’s Brain: Neuroscience’s Lessons for Better Conflict Resolution

Buddah's Brain

The book Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom was published in 2009 by Dr. Rick and Hanson and Dr. Richard Mendius with the intention of blending the latest findings in neuropsychology with a general framework for healthy living. The piece was designed to be a comprehensible, accessible book aimed at helping …

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A Difficult Personality and How to Soothe The Beast

Difficult Personality

By Terri Lubaroff We’ve all dealt with a “difficult personality.” This is the person we are afraid to run into on the elevator at work, the family member who never fails to offend, or the jerk at the furniture store who refuses to refund your money on a delivery that was never made. The difficult …

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The Predictability of Distributive Bargaining

Negotiation Dance

This article examines the predictability of distributive bargaining between two negotiators, and conditions that might distort that predictability. It also introduces the important concept of the ‘negotiation dance,’ which is basic to the study of the negotiation process.          Negotiation is a social act; of communication and discovery between two or more people, with the goal …

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Perceptual Bias and The Frustrated Negotiator

Perceptual Bias

By Scott C. Van Soye It’s after lunch, and Fred’s feeling pretty good as he sorts through today’s mail.  Ah! There it is, Tom Smith’s response to Fred’s settlement offer in Ajax Accounting v. Johnston. It’s a solid offer, and Fred smiles as he thinks about the vacation he’s going to take during what are …

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Left Brain vs Right Brain Conflict Resolution

Left Brain and Right Brain Conflict Resolution

Our brains are mostly divided into two hemispheres. They each have their own way of responding to conflicts, although there is some overlap. Our brains are really a combination of parts that serve different purposes. They take turns in dominating our thinking at times and generally work together – just as we have many muscles in our arms that work together rather than just one muscle.

Game Theory, Negotiation, and the “Black Box”

Game Theory, Negotiation, and the "Black Box"

James F. Ring and some colleagues gave a fascinating talk at the recent ABA Dispute Resolution Section on Game Theory; Where it started was cutting a cake; Where it ended was cutting out the lawyers, at least by implication.

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