Online Divorce Mediation

Online Divorce Mediation

Is online divorce mediation effective? Let’s take a look. This is just not Joe’s week.  His wife Janice is out of state with the kids on a trip to visit her parents.  He stayed behind to catch up at work.  Somehow, that had been the wrong choice.  It led to a huge argument before they …

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ODR: Online Dispute Resolution Explained

ODR: Online Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution can be a useful tool when facing a dispute where it is difficult or impossible to get the parties together to participate in dispute resolution. Online dispute resolution takes a variety of dispute resolution mechanisms and uses technology to help achieve a resolution online.  It primarily focuses on negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, …

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Remote Hearings: A New Dawn or a Reawakening?

Remote Hearings - ADR Times

By Joe Tirado The global coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on all aspects of our lives. Face-to-face meetings have all but disappeared. We have all had to adapt, and the legal profession has been no exception. This is true of both litigation and arbitration practice, although one important area that has been hit …

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Arbitration Panels: Advantages and Disadvantages

Arbitration Panel

Undoubtedly, most arbitration agreements call for a single arbitrator.  But some agreements call for a panel of three sometimes called a tripartite panel.  The tripartite arbitration panel is not a new concept. President George Washington will reportedly be called for the appointment of a three-arbitrator panel in the event of a dispute about his estate. …

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Conciliation

Alternative dispute resolution conciliation

When talking about alternative dispute resolution, conciliation is a necessary technique to discuss.  The process helps parties come up with solutions and find new ways to consider a solution.  It is a creative process between the parties and the conciliator to identify solutions that are outside of the realm of what the parties have considered …

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Can Text Messages be Used in Court?

Can Text Messages be Used in Court?

Admission of text messages as evidence in court: The same old thing in electronic form. The proliferation of electronic devices capable of producing documents More documents are created by electronic means than in any other fashion.  Electronic devices are everywhere. Office computers, personal computers, laptops, tablets, phones, personal electronic assistants, video doorbells, and even some …

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